Why do the black bars appear on the side or bottom of my sim?

            SimsUshare automatically sets the simulation dimensions based on the screen size and the first photo background you choose. You have no choice within the program about setting those dimensions, however, you can do so manually by changing the sim definition file (and by knowing the dimensions you want to set). You can do this on all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android), but for the mobile versions, you have to transfer the sim to your desktop/laptop to edit the sim definition file (described below).
            For example, suppose you have a wide-screen photo as your first background, and you choose that photo to place into SimsUshare. The program will adjust the dimensions to keep the width-height proportions the same (the aspect ratio), but it will shrink the width to fit into the screen, making portions of the background beneath the photo grey/black, like this:

            You will notice a slight color difference in the photo between the black bottom area and the dark grey area on the right.
            If you adjust the background photo in SimsUshare (Edit Mode, menu "Adjust Background Photo"), you can scale and position the photo within the area including the dark grey area. Any dark grey area shown is within the accessible dimensions (size) of the sim, it just happens that the current photo is not big enough to cover the whole area. However, the black area is outside the possible sim area, for example, if you show a sim in full-screen mode on a widescreen monitor, the borders will be black.
            To change the accessible size of the sim after SimsUshare has set the area, you have to locate and edit the sim definition file.
            1. Locate the sim definition file by (Windows/Mac) going into your Documents folder and finding the "SimsUshare" folder, looking inside to find the "sims" folder, then looking in there to identify the actual sim folder, which should have a similar name to the name of the sim; (iOS/Android) Transfer the sim from your device onto your laptop/desktop (see here for transfer instructions)
            2. Find the file called "simdef.xml" (you may not see the XML part) and open it in a text editor such as Wordpad
            3. The top line will have the width and height info you can change, for example, <sim id="HIRISE" title="hirise" width="568" height="420" backgroundColor="0x222222">
            4. Change the height or width dimension to better reflect the sim size you want, then save the file.
            5. If you are making the change for a sim on your mobile device, transfer the sim back to your device.
            Updated: 02 May 2014 11:04 PM
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