Running SimsUshare on Windows from a USB/thumb/flash drive

            SimsUshare v2 (Platinum) added two enabling capabilities for running SimsUshare off a USB (portable) drive:
            1. Customers can activate and deactivate their licenses on their own
            2. The SimsUshare Viewer is free to install and use.
            To run SimsUshare off a portable drive:

            1. Visit the download page and select Microsoft Windows.
            2. A few paragraphs below the installer icon, you will see the note "Do you need a version you can install without administrator access". Download that zip file, then decompress/extract it -- it will result in a folder.
            3. Copy/move that folder to your portable drive
            4. If you have already created sims on your regular computer, and now you want to copy them to use off your portable drive:
              1. On your computer, go to the Documents folder
              2. Copy the "SimsUshare" folder to your portable drive. We'd suggest renaming the folder to something like "My Sims", rather than SimsUShare, because otherwise it could be confusing which is the program and which is the data (sims).
            You now have the capability to run SimsUshare on whatever Windows computer you plug it into. However, when you run it for the first time on a computer, it will create a "SimsUShare" folder in the Documents folder of that computer. Mostly likely, you want to run sims that you have copied onto your USB drive.
            When you are at a computer you want to run the sims on
            1. Go into the application/program folder (from step #3) on your portable drive and run the SimsUshare application.
            2. When it starts, on the main screen (the one with New/Edit/Play), select the menu item "Change Main Sim Folder"
            3. The program asks you to select a folder. Press "Select Folder" and then choose the "My Sims" folder from your portable drive.
            4. SimsUshare will make the sims from your original computer available on this new computer.
            If you want to create or edit sims, you need to activate SimsUshare, and of course you will need a valid license. If you only have one license, you will need to deactivate it on any computer that is currently activated. To do this, go to the main screen of the activated computer, choose the menu item "Manage License", then choose "Deactivate" and follow the instructions. To activate the new computer, open the program on the new computer, and at the man screen, choose the menu item "Upgrade to Platinum", then choose "Enter Purchase Code" and enter your license.
            Make sure you keep a copy of your license handy when moving computers, so you don't have to contact us to retrieve it.
            Updated: 21 Oct 2014 03:52 PM
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