I am creating a lot of sims, so it is getting hard to find the one I want. Is there a better way to organize them?

            Currently, all the sims in the Personal Edition are available only in a single list, for simplicity, kind of like a “Favorites” list. As you create more than a few dozen sims, we recommend storing your sims in another place, then loading the sims you want to use into the place the application looks.
            The Site License/Station Edition version allows you or your IT Admin to create multiple folders to store sims, as shown in this video.
            The Personal Edition does allow you change your main sim folder (menu option from the main screen), which you can use to create sets of sims. The sims are actually stored by default in your Documents folder, inside a special folder called SimsUShare/sims. If you look into that folder, you will see a set of sub-folders, one for each sim you have made. The folder name is very much the same as the sim name, except without spaces or special characters. If you move that folder outside this area, such as for archive purposes, restart SimsUShare and it will remove that sim from the list. If you place a sim into this area (SimsUShare/sims), the next time SimsUShare starts, it will detect its presence and ask you if you want to add the sim to the sim list.
            Updated: 29 Apr 2014 08:42 AM
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