How to save and retrieve simulations from a folder other than the default Documents folder

            The regular SimsUshare program has the option to change the place simulations are stored and retrieved, but it must be done on a individual user basis (in the menu of the main screen).
            In version 1.5.1 and later, we added a feature that you can use to set the default location for all users. It is called "baseSimFolder", and must be configured in the "config/simfolders.xml" at the location of your application. If you install your application into a shared network folder, then everyone who opens SimsUshare will have their default sim folder point to the same place. Here is an example simfolders.xml file:

            <simfolders baseSimFolder="\\COMMON-FILES\training\SIMULATIONS">

            The setting for "baseSimFolder" instructs SimsUshare to use the folder \\COMMON-FILES\training\SIMULATIONS as the main folder to retrieve and store simulations. Substitute your own folder path in its place.
            Updated: 02 Dec 2014 02:30 AM
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