How do I use Tap Regions to navigate locations by clicking on the screen?

            In another solution, we discuss the navigation arrow cluster and how to use the arrows to move from position to position.
            In SimsUshare we have a feature called “Tap Regions” to accomplish the same purpose -- this is useful if you want to hide from your viewers which arrow you are pressing. You might want to hide where you are going if you have locations setup for different conditions, and you don't want your students to see which direction arrow you have assigned to the various conditions.
            Tap Regions are only active when the navigation cluster is hidden manually using the diagonal down-pointing icon on the bottom left of the screen. Once the cluster is hidden, you can use the menu item “Show Tap Regions” to remind you momentarily (it displays then fades away) of the screen regions:

            On Windows/Mac, SimsUshare also has keyboard shortcuts available for activating the various arrows:

            Updated: 04 May 2014 05:58 AM
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