How do I show multiple windows simultaneously?

            SimsUshare version 1.1.15 introduced a new feature for the desktop versions (Windows and Mac) of SimsUshare: the ability to open multiple windows on the desktop simultaneously. Not only can you play simulations in separate windows simultaneously, but also you can edit simulations in different windows, if desired—however, you cannot edit the same simulation in different windows.

            To create a new window, press the New Window button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen:

            The program opens the new window to the main screen (Fig. 1), where you can then navigate to the screen you want to show. Each new window has a unique title (Main Window, #2, #3, etc.). When you are playing a simulation, the title is changed to the name of the simulation. This makes it easier to switch among playing simulations, because the title appears in the task bar on Windows or Mac. On Windows, pressing the Alt and Tab keys simultaneously allows you to select from among the open windows.

            If you are editing a simulation in a window, the program puts the name of the simulation in the title, followed by the word “(Edit)”. Again, this can help you when you are switching among open windows.

            Note: if your simulation has multiple locations, the program title will read “Editing <name of location> (<name of sim>)”, rather than simply the simulation name.

            Updated: 02 May 2014 10:38 PM
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