How do I setup navigation to move from location to location?

            Video-Based Instruction

            Here are two videos to help you create navigation among your locations.


            Choosing the “Set Navigation” menu item from the Locations menu or from the menu on the ‘Manage Locations’ screen, you are taken to the “Set Navigation” screen:

            The title on the screen (“Set Navigation for ‘A-B’”), tells you for which location you are setting the navigation. You can change the location by selecting the down arrow button in the right top corner of the screen, on the left of the menu button.

            When there is only one location in the sim, or the current location does not have any navigational arrows set yet, the app will show the navigational arrows in grey. The text above the cluster of arrows gives you instructions as one way to proceed.

            To create navigation from the current location to another, first click on the arrow you want to set. The arrow will turn pink, and the instructions above the arrow cluster will change to “2. Choose the destination…”. At this point, select the destination location from the list on the left. If there are more locations than fit in the space, you can scroll downward by clicking and dragging the list anywhere, and select the location name.

            Once you have selected the destination, the arrow will turn red, and you can repeat the process for any arrow you wish to define.

            If you click on an arrow that has already been set, the text above the arrow cluster will tell you where that arrow is set to go, for example, “From ‘A-B’, ‘Left’ goes to ‘B-C’”. The interpretation uses the relative direction names (‘Right’, ‘Left’, ‘Forward’, ‘Backwards’, etc.), but those names are never shown to the sim user, so you are free to call them anything you’d like. If you want to change the destination of the arrow, simply click on the new destination location. If you want to remove that navigation, when you click on the red arrow, click on the top line of the list, “[Remove this path]”.

            The switch beneath the cluster of arrows is marked “Reciprocal Navigation”. When it is set to “Yes”, it means that any arrow you set in one direction will automatically make a corresponding arrow in the opposite direction. For example, if this is set to “Yes”, and you set the “West” arrow from “Side A-B” to “B-C”, then an East arrow is set automatically from B-C back to Side A-B. If you do not want the app to set the reciprocal link, click the switch to the “No” position. The reciprocal link is respected both for setting an arrow destination, and removing a path/link.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2014 12:49 AM
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