How do I make multiple views or locations?

            SimsUshare allows you to create any number of locations in each sim/scenario. Naturally you will think about a location as a different virtual area, such as the various sides of a building, or an interior location. However, you may also use locations to represent different conditions for the same virtual area, for example, a Side A Incipient condition and a Side A Freeburn condition. You can then setup the navigation arrows to 'change' the condition by flipping to the new condition.

            Creating a new location is easy. To create a new location, choose the “New Location” menu item from the Locations menu (see below), or click the “New” button from the Manage Locations screen.

            The screen transitions to the “New Location” view:

            To create a new location from this screen, do the following:

            1. Enter a name for the new location. You must use a name that is not in use yet in this scenario.

            2. If you want to create a new location with a copy of all the elements (smoke, fire, etc.) of an existing location, click on the “Copy <Location Name>’s assets” line in the box beneath the “Set Background” button. If no background has been set yet (step #3), the app will prepare to copy the background picture of the selected location as well as all the elements. If a background picture has been selected, the app will only copy the elements of the selected location, not the background picture. This feature is useful to quickly duplicate the elements for a new location, on a different background picture—after which you can adjust the positions of elements.

              Important: the list of locations is set based on the number of visible lines on your screen. If the number of locations is greater than the number of lines, the list will scroll by clicking and dragging to reach locations beneath those initially in view.

            3. If you want to set a background other than the background of an existing location, click “Set Background”. You will then be able to choose a background photo for your new location.

            4. When you are satisfied with the options, press the “Create” button to make the new location. If you do not want to create the location, press the BACK key (left arrow key, Win/Mac).

            5. If you were in the Edit Sim view when you initiated creating a new location, you will be taken back into Edit Sim view for the new location. If you were in Manage Locations view, you will be taken back to the Manage Locations view.

            Updated: 04 Apr 2014 02:36 PM
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