How can I make conditions change or smoke and fire to get better or worse?

            There are two ways to have the conditions change:
            1. Time-Based Changes. Set your effects to fade-in and fade-out based on the time you want them to appear or disappear. While the sliders usually only show about 15-30 seconds, you can always type in the number of seconds in the box above and to the right of the slider, to enter longer times.
            2. Click-Based Changes. You can use the location feature to make duplicates of a location (for example, Side A), and have one location act as one condition, and the other location act as the other. For example, Side A Incipient and Side A Freeburn. You can then set up the location navigation such that a navigation arrow switches between the conditions/locations. If you do not want your students to see which arrow you clicked on, you can hide the navigation arrow cluster (the icon in the bottom left of the screen, during Play Mode), and you can use keyboard shortcuts or tap regions (tapping on the corresponding part of the screen, based on the layout of the navigation arrows) to navigate.
            Both of these approaches are fine for small to medium scenarios, but large scenarios can be cumbersome in managing the appearance/disappearance of effects and the linking of locations that represent different locations.
            Updated: 02 May 2014 11:23 PM
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