Can I record a video of the sim during playback?

            Only the iOS (iPhone/iPad) platform currently has a built-in video record feature. However, if you run the app on Windows or Mac, there are several tools you can use to record the screen during playback, and then you can make a video of your sims. One quick-and-dirty way (that looks great!) is to use your cell phone or other camera and simply record the screen. Here is a great example of this.

            If you have an iPad/iPhone, you can also use the Reflector app to record your screen, as well as mirror the screen on a computer.

            We haven't found anything easy or reliable on Android, except some promise in KitKat, as explained here.

            For Windows/Mac (here is a video about using aTube Catcher, our first choice for free screen recording in Windows):

            • Windows, we have tried:
            • Macintosh
              • SnagIt ($49.95, as of April 2012, with a free trial version) from the makers of Camtasia Studio
              • Camtasia Studio ($299, as of April, 2012, with a free trial version), expands the capabilities of SnagIt enormously, with a huge number of editing options for helping to produce your final video.
              • QuickTime (free, on Mac OS X Lion). Apparently screen recording has been added with the free QuickTime player, on the Macintosh (see this article)
              • (free), a Mac app that lets you create short shareable screencast videos and animated gifs

            If you know about others, please let us know so we can keep our list updated.

            Updated: 09 Jun 2014 05:34 PM
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