Can I install SimsUshare on the computer in our station and given everyone access to it?

            With the release of SimsUshare Platinum Network (SimsUshare version 2), now everyone in the department can play simulations that you make or have downloaded. The Network version can be installed in a shared folder, giving everyone access to it.

            To create or edit simulations, you need to purchase a license for each computer. To play simulations, you can use the free Network Viewer. Fortunately, these are not separate installations -- you install the same program (the Network Viewer), and then enter a license code on those computers you want to be able to create or edit a scenario.

            The Network version gives you also the ability to access simulations in shared folders. The documentation describes this process in detail (under Station Edition). You can configure your installation for all users of the Network version with predefined shared folders, through setting values in the special simfolders.xml file. Please contact us for assistance with that if you need more help than the documentation provides.

            The original SimsUshare (version 1) had a special edition called the Station Edition. The Station Edition allowed any number of user logins on each licensed computer to create and play simulations, as well as create shared folders for storing and accessing simulations.
            Updated: 12 Dec 2014 03:43 AM
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