Can I install SimsUshare on a network?

            The short answer is YES (if your question is about a Windows network).
            The long answer requires a little explanation.
            There are two versions of SimsUshare for Windows, the Personal Edition and the Station Edition (Site License).
            Whereas the SimsUshare Personal Edition is limited to a single user (and single login profile, on multi-login-profile computers), the SimsUshare Station Edition lets everyone in the organization create and share simulations–any number of user profiles on one or more station computers. As you see the benefit of more personnel being able to create simulations, and the need to share simulations easily, you will see that the Site License Edition is much more economical than buying individual copies of the Personal Edition.
            Both versions can be installed on a network, as opposed to each individual machine, but the suggested install profile for the Personal Edition is through the Windows Installer (EXE), and the suggested install profile for the Station Edition is on a network through the MSI file.

            • Installing the Personal Edition on a network. On the page in which you download the program, you will see an area marked "Do you need a version you can install without administrator access?". This directs you to download a set of files in a SimsUshare folder you can place on a network drive. You then tell your licenses users manually to access the SimsUshare application (SimsUshare.exe).
            • Installing the Station Edition/Site License on a network. We have created documentation that discusses installation and bandwidth profiles--please click here to access the information. The Station Edition also gives you the ability to share simulations across your network and Dropbox, in one or more shared folders. We created this page with videos to demonstrate how to create shared folders.
            If someone tries to operate the Personal Edition from an unlicensed computer, SimsUshare will revert to the trial version, which will allow access for up to 3 days without purchasing or entering a license code. If the trial period has expired, the user must purchase a license or enter a valid code. If someone tries to operate the Station Edition from an unlicensed computer, SimsUshare will ask for a valid license code -- there is no trial period for the Station Edition.
            Updated: 08 May 2014 05:40 AM
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