Can I create/edit sims on one computer and share them on others, without the Network version?

            The easiest way to share sims on multiple computers is to use the free Network viewer, but you may have already installed the regular Platinum version on computers or otherwise don't want to install the Network version. This article talks about changing the main sim folder (where sims are stored) directly.

            The idea is to allow creation/editing of sims on one user account, and play the sims on other computers.

            When you open SimsUshare, by default, the sims are stored (or played) from a private folder, namely My Documents\SimsUshare. So that’s what you see your sims but other computers or users would not see your sims. You need to copy sims to other computers, or, preferably, point the program to share a folder of sims you make.

            There are two ways to do this. First, however, go to My Documents\SimsUshare and copy the SimsUshare folder to your shared network folder, and rename the SimsUshare folder to SharedSims (so I will refer to it going on as “N:\SharedSims”). If you look into “N:\SharedSims”, you should now have two items, a folder called sims and file called catalog.xml. Of course all the computers need to have access to that folder to start.

            1. Manually copying sims to a shared folder. You can leave your sim creation/editing in your private My Documents\SimsUshare folder.
              a. When you have some sims to show others, go to your My Documents\SimsUshare\sims folder (notice the “sims” at the end), and you’ll see a list of folders, each holding a sim.
              b. Copy the folder(s) you want into the “N:\SharedSims\sims” folder directly.
              c. Open SimsUshare on another computer (not the one that has your private sim area), and the program will say “I found x new sims. Do you want me to add them?” This updates the catalog, and only has to be done once each time you add any sims.

            2. Creating/editing sims in “N:\SharedSims”, so there’s no copying involved. The downside of this is that anyone can navigate to your folder and change the contents through Windows. Also, anything you create becomes instantly shared with others, so if you are preparing a sim for a test, others would see it.
              a. In SimsUshare on your create/edit computer, go to the main screen and look in the menu (top right).
              b. Choose “Change Main Sim Folder”
              c.  Navigate to your shared folder and choose the “N:\SharedSims” folder. Don’t choose anything in the contents, make sure to Select the SharedSims folder.
              d. Now SimsUshare will store and retrieve sims from that folder.
              e. You can do this operation from each user and computer that needs to access the shared sims.

             If you want to install the program into a shared folder for people to use to view sims, here is a way to use the free Network viewer:

            Of course please call or email us if you need more help with this.

            Updated: 14 Mar 2016 10:59 PM
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